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Product adoption is hard. Especially for our target audience Leap's interactive step-by-step walkthrough proved to be a game-changer. We've seen a fantastic uptick in terms of first-time user adoption. I would highly recommend Leap for fast-growing companies.
transport book project manager
Prashanth Venkat
Senior Product Manager
Using nudges created through Leap, we were able to drive CTRs to an upward of 70%. An added advantage of Leap is its extraordinary customer support.
transport book project manager
Sachin Kalonia
Product Manager


Absolutely! We offer a 14 day assisted trial where our team works along with you to accomplish your goals with Leap. We ensure that you are up and running and have implemented Leap within the first few days of trial. Also, this trial includes all features for upto 10K users.

MEUs means monthly engaged users. These are unique users who have interacted with Leap projects in a particular month. Whether users interact once or a hundred times, they are calculated as only one for that month.

For business apps, annual users are total number of users who were shown a Leap experience within an year

Each in-app experience you create inside Leap is called a project. It could be an onboarding flow, a feature walkthrough or a single tooltip.

For the trial, we do not ask you to add your credit card. Then, when you are ready to upgrade, you can pick a plan and start paying via credit card.

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