Increase user activity
within your app

Direct user’s attention to valuable features


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Product adoption is hard. Especially for our target audience Leap's interactive step-by-step walkthrough proved to be a game-changer. We've seen a fantastic uptick in terms of first-time user adoption. I would highly recommend Leap for fast-growing companies.
transport book project manager
Prashanth Venkat
Senior Product Manager
Using nudges created through Leap, we were able to drive CTRs to an upward of 70%. An added advantage of Leap is its extraordinary customer support.
transport book project manager
Sachin Kalonia
Product Manager

Prompt users
to take action

Bring your underused but valuable features to focus through contextual tooltips, highlights, & spotlights

promt users to take action
subtly draw user attention

Subtly draw
user attention

Sometimes a slight hint is enough to draw user attention. Use beacons & labels to subtly nudge users

Show what lies

Use rich media Nudge to show a preview of what lies behind the buttons

show what lies inside

Drive usage of all your features

Better click rates

Your CTAs will never be the same again after using Nudge

Increased awareness

Your users will now know exactly what your app can do for them

Customer love

Help users find value faster & they will love your app


The power your
app deserves


Engage with users as if you know them personally

No code

Create, test, & Publish without engineering’s help


Segment users to enable tailor made experiences

No app update

Publish projects to your app without an app update


Create walkthroughs in any language

Audio support

Let your app speak to your users


Onboarding & training

Onboard new users or train existing users in-app

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In-app messages

Show personalised offers and make announcements

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In-app help

Help users in-app so that they don’t have to leave

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